let's talk about the code.

let's talk about the code.

Do you want to access your organisation’s greatest untapped resource?

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Break the Gender Code

To drive premium business performance.

What we know to be true is that having women in leadership positions will make a difference to your business performance and bottom line. You may have programs in place, offer flexible working and provide professional development.

But the truth is, if a person does not believe in their own capabilities and that their contribution is valuable, they will not bring all of who they are, their untapped potential, and true discretionary effort to the table. And it is most likely due to the Gender Code.

At Code Conversations™, we work with high potential women within your organisation to break down the code they are currently operating under – releasing them from the conditioning of their own code and stepping into the high performing individuals you know they are capable of being.

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Break the Gender Code

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Unlock the potential in your high performing women

People who are talking about us!

Danielle is warm, friendly and non-judgmental. She has a certain calmness and positivity about her. She actually makes you feel like you can achieve anything. Danielle helped me uncover what was there all along. Any feelings of insecurity and self-doubt were soon replaced with feelings of energy and positivity. My sessions with Danielle have enabled and encouraged me to make changes at work, set goals and be excited about achieving them.

Raelene, Business Systems Analyst

I would highly recommend Danielle as a Coach. Her questioning skills are first rate and she really places emphases on challenging the client comfortably to think outside the norm. Danielle also helped me focus on the ‘Why’ rather than just the ‘how’. Danielle is very intelligent and personable and this combination is what makes Danielle a sought after coach.

Helen, Career Coach

Danielle’s warmth, humour and empathy immediately made me feel relaxed and together we worked out what I wanted to achieve and what has been stopping me in the past. There was never any judgment and she never told me what I should do. Danielle asked questions until I came up with the answers. The change came from within me so it felt safe and achievable.

I feel I am at the start of an exciting journey and I can’t wait to see where I go next!

Belinda, Senior Coordinator Marketing, Media and Communications

Danielle is an exceptional coach. She holds space masterfully and brings curiosity, positivity and warmth to the discussion, allowing me to find my own answers and feel joyful about my decisions. I’d highly recommend working with Danielle if you want to grow toward a happier, more productive and more powerful life.

Melanie, Founder

Your passion, knowledge and delivery were exceptional. It is always fabulous to listen to a meaningful keynote, but truly memorable to witness the audience relate and engage.

Sarah Lisle, Manager Special Projects (Wellbeing), JCI Australia National President

Once in a while you cross paths with someone who introduces you to a whole realm of new possibilities. For me Danielle is one of those people. As a GP I had to learn how to care after myself the same way I cared for my patients. Now I see that my wellbeing isn’t just an outcome but the starting point.

Mark, General Practitioner

Danielle’s knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and clear commitment to her clients and business partners is exemplary. Her support on a pro bono basis has helped us to develop a unique, Australian-first program focused on supporting mothers to raise respectful sons. Simply, Danielle empowers women to understand, support and drive themselves, by identifying and using each person’s individual strengths and dreams.

Sally, General Manager local Women’s Health Centre
the code book

the code book.

Breaking the Gender Code: How to use what you already have to get what you actually want

Do you want to feel as though you can have the career you have always sought and still be fulfilled in all of your roles? It may feel impossible to achieve at a high level in everything you do but perhaps the pursuit of perfection and taking an either/or approach is getting in the way.

What could be driving the high expectations and pressure is the Gender Code.

In Breaking the Gender Code, we explore the codes we live by, so we can break them and create a new, bespoke code, that will use what we already have to get what it is we actually want.

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